Are you tired of both pessimistic skeptics and gullible new agers and want the scientific truth about how to improve your health and life?

Most people fall in one of these categories when it comes to their attitude towards personal development and alternative medicine:

  1. Gullible New Agers They always have a ‘guru’ they listen to and do everything he says. More often than not he’s an alien from another planet or an over 9000 year old Atlantean knight. They praise pseudoscience and like to sound smart by using psychobabble They praise alternative medicine because it gives them a feeling of magic to their lives, but they refuse to think critically They are true believers(click the link if you don’t know what I’m talking about k?) in alternative medicine that threw out their critical thinking along with their common sense. They believe and seek a magic pill that will cure all of their problems instantaneously.
    They don’t use critical thinking, but have a sense of deeper meaning and are open-minded. And because of the lies, they have hope. They are also interested in improving themselves and are motivated.
  2. Pessimistic Skeptics are those who refuse to believe anything that’s not aligned with the materialistic western worldview of our society. They view all forms of spirituality as meaningless exercises in self-delusions, and think that alternative medicine would be called medicine if it really did anything. They praise psychiatrists and support medical drugsThey see no value in alternative medicine. They are holders and defenders of the accepted worldview in which the doctor is god.They have critical thinking but have no deeper sense of meaning and are close-minded and unmotivated. Because they believe only in drugs and surgery they don’t give alternative techniques a chance.

If both descriptions made you cringe. Chances are you are something else.

    • Do you know that there’s no magic pill?
    • Do you believe that you have unique needs that cannot be met by a ‘one-size fit’s all’ approach?
    • Do you want something that you can adjust to your own specific needs?
    • Are you skeptical but open to test things out?
    • Do you believe you can improve your health on your own?
    • Do you want techniques you can adjust to your own specific needs, so you can improve your health and your life in a way that’s uniquely yours?
    • Do you want to improve your emotional and physical health and life using scientifically proven principles that will allow you to create your own ideal lifestyle, without having to take in someone else’s?
    • Do you realize that science is limited, and that sometimes to be as efficient as possible one has to include the subjective side of our experience: the spirit?
    • Do you believe there is some truth to ‘alternative’ stuff such as yoga, meditation, qigong, and that if someone would just take out the bullshit from them you could use them to make your life better?
    • Are you annoyed by absolutism and dogma because they make you feel like a sheep?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions chances are you’re neither a skeptic nor a new ager, but instead an empiric spirit

An Empiric Spirit Uses Both Science And Subjective Experience. An Empiric Spirit is between skepticism and belief

An empiric spirit has both a scientific and an open minded attitude towards self-improvement and holistic health. This attitude is composed of two parts:

        • Empiric – Being objective and evidence based and allowing your own personal experience to guide you. Without the need for dogma or any set rules, you treat your life as an ever-going scientific experiment in which you use peer-reviewed research as references.
        • Spirit – The acknowledgement of the subjective aspect of our experience and that we can use the parts of our world that haven’t been yet fully analyzed by science to our advantage if we get to know them through experience.
          In short, an empiric spirit has the best parts of both the true-believer new ager, and the skeptic. An empiric spirit is between skepticism and belief

An empiric spirit realizes that the modern health system is that is largely a product of western science. And like a one-eyed giant, it has great power, but it lacks the wisdom which makes life sacred and meaningful. The challenge for today’s health system is to unite East and West; to integrate wisdom and science; to make room for the sacred as well as the practical.

An Empiric Spirit Is About Individualism. It realizes that a solution should be adjusted to the uniqueness of the individual. And that life should be a life-long scientific experiment

An empiric spirit wants to improve him or herself and become the best he can be. It wants to be as healthy as productive and as creative as he can be without sacrificing his individuality or being bound by anything: disease or dogma.
An empiric spirit has no gurus, no masters, and no unbreakable dogmas. Only evidence-based principles, and techniques he can use to improve his own life and health in whatever way he pleases.
So are you an empiric spirit or a new ager or a skeptic? An empiric spirit knows that there’s no magical pill and no magic bullet.
They see through the scams. An empiric spirit knows that the world is governed by principles, not rules, and that nothing is set in stone.
An empiric spirit sees through the bullshit that’s on the market, is highly motivated and does everything to be the best they can be in any given situation.

An empiric spirit realizes that progress is relative and that the goal is not to be perfect, but to be better.
An empiric spirit does everything it can to improve the health of its body and mind

An empiric spirit is practical. Because you help yourself through doing not through thinking

To find your own path you need to have a taste of various things. This is why almost every post on this site will be practical and will give you something you can test for yourself in the form of an empiric experiment, to see if you can incorporate it into your life to improve it, or use it to heal your emotions and mind.
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Silly, Sarcastic, Scientific 

The truth is that this is the internet, and you’ve probably stopped reading this at this point and are watching a talking dog video on youtube that’s why to entertain you and ourselves we have decided to take a funny,snarky sarcastic feel to this site. So if you like adult swim you’ll probably get it, and if not go watch the secret and forget about it k?

 About Matt Pepliński An Empiric Spirit And A Recovered Psychotic

Hello my name is Matt Pepliński and I’m a recovered psychotic from Poland.

When I was younger I was a die- hard skeptic who thought that only hippies meditated yoga was for girls and holistic healing was just a waste of time. I changed my mind after I started suffering from major panic attacks and depression with which I helped myself through acupressure. And since that time I became obsessed with almost every new age fad there is. From the silva method and the secret to meditation and yoga, and numerous other magical super-healing techniques that promised me perfect health and improvement but never delivered.

I turned into a real new ager, who wanted to do reiki on everyone they met, which made me absolutely alienated from my family and friends. Not only that but the various contradictions and inconsistencies in the various new age philosophies made me completely lose touch with reality.

It got so bad that after a drastic spiritual experience induced by some of the methods I learned I became literary crazy, and was hospitalized in a mental institution! (Thank you self-help!)

Then I again became a skeptic and started fully trusting the established paradigm.

The result?

I gained 100 pounds of fat, became catatonic from the anti-psychotic drugs and failed high school. (Yay?)_

So while through psychiatric drugs I retained a glimpse of sanity I was now fat, unmotivated and depressed.  I was so maladjusted to life that I actually had to study psychology via distance learning (ouch), even though I actually the year before won a scholarship to a prestigious university…

I knew that something was wrong so I returned to my alternative techniques. But this time I looked at them critically.  I searched for actual research about all of the self-help techniques I tried in the past, and used them without the common lies that are used to sell them.

The result? I lost all my excess weight, recovered from my depression, and became happier than I’ve ever been. This motivated me to create this site

On this site I’ll discuss specific empiric research studies that show you how you can improve your health and life in an evidence based way. In short the goal of this site is: Evidence-based true holistic health.

Health that leads you to increased success and psychological functioning, without the use of meds or any other things scientific skeptics deem necessary for healing without the usual new-age lies and the disinformation found in most self-help books.

So if you want the truth gurus and self-help celebrities don’t want you to know and you want to know the actual science that will allow you to help yourself. I encourage you to subscribe in this blog:


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