How To Awaken Kundalini

 Kundalini Is Genetic

One has to understand that most instances of ‘kundalini awakening’  were not even brought upon by years of dedicated practices. In fact most westerners who claimed an kundalini awakening got it after putting a very small amount of effort into it. Some of them read the bhagavat gita, some of them read about the kundalini, and some of them just did yoga for  a year.

While on the other hand there have been people who did yoga an hour each day and meditated for another, and their kundalini did not awaken at all. For me it’s crystal clear that kundalini awakening is something one is genetically predisposed to.

It seems that kundalini is very similar to schizophrenia in it’s development. It’s mostly genetic, meaning that if two schizophrenics have a kid the probability that the kid is very high (of about 50%) but and they both only ‘happen’ if a right environment is present.

It’s likely that we actually have a DNA segment in us that codes for kundalini awakening, the expression of which is made possible through various yogic practices.  In this interpretation yogic practices basically increase your ‘risk’ of kundalini awakening.

This actually makes perfect evolutionary sense. Which I’ll discuss in a future article. (This article is 6000 words long as it is so cut me some slack!)

And just as someone could take all the drugs in the world and never develop schizophrenia because he doesn’t ‘have the right genes for it’, similarly someone without a genetic predisposition to kundalini awakening will never develop it. This is why most ancient gurus said that “Enlightenment is an accident, meditation makes you accident prone”. But without the genes needed for kundalini you won’t get it no matter what you do. U.G Krishnamurti emphasized this in his works ,(although he did not use the concept of gene but said ‘if you’re not meant for it’)

It seems that kundalini is very similar to schizophrenia in it’s development. It’s mostly genetic, meaning that if two schizophrenics have a kid the probability that the kid is very high (of about 50%) but and they both only ‘happen’ if a right environment is present.

For me it’s likely that we actually have a DNA segment in us that codes for kundalini awakening, the expression of which is made possible through various yogic practices.  In this interpretaiton yogic practices basically increase your ‘risk’ of kundalini awakening.

Similarly someone might be genetically predisposed to schizophrenia and never develop it if they are in the right environment. And so someone can have an enlightened parent and never be experiencek undalini awakening himself.

 Nope. Not Everyone Can Become Fully Enlightened. Just as Not Everyone Is Even At All Spiritual.

And just as someone could take all the drugs in the world and never develop schizophrenia because he doesn’t ‘have the right genes for it’, similarly someone without a genetic predisposition to kundalini awakening will never develop it. This is why most ancient gurus said that “Enlightenment is an accident, meditation makes you accident prone”. But without the genes needed for kundalini you won’t get it no matter what you do. U.G Krishnamurti emphasized this in his works ,(although he did not use the concept of gene but said ‘if you’re not meant for it’) And just as someone could take all the drugs in the world and never develop schizophrenia because he doesn’t ‘have the right genes for it’, similarly someone without a genetic predisposition to kundalini awakening will never develop it. This is why most ancient gurus said that “Enlightenment is an accident, meditation makes you accident prone”. But without the genes needed for kundalini you won’t get it no matter what you do. U.G Krishnamurti emphasized this in his works ,(although he did not use the concept of gene but said ‘if you’re not meant for it’)

So in short: Genetic predisposition and the right environmental stimulus. And by ‘right environmental stimulus’ I mean meditation and stuff like hanging out with already enlightened masters. The stuff you read about in most spiritual books on kundalini. But I have problems with lying, and as such I’m telling you that this phenomena is so rare that the only rational explanation is that it’s something you need a genetic predisposition to develop at all, no matter how hard you try. Many yogis did their thing practically from birth and failed, because they weren’t genetically predisposed to kundalini awakening. While a total newbie could just read a book about meditation do one or two exercises and have  a full-blown kundalini awakening with loosing your ego, bliss, and all that cool stuff. How fair is that?

The Indian Concept Of Karma Essentially Said The Same Thing – You’re Either Destined For Enlightenment or Not

Incidentally the ancients tried to explain the ‘fairness’ of it by creating the theory of past lives. as in “Oh this person got the thing you’ve worked your whole life for in 5 seconds because he probably worked hard at it in a past life”

But the message was exactly the same: You’re either born for it or you’re not.   The difference is that now we’re smart enough to know that there’s no magic karma fairy out there or even a karmaclaus, and instead we know that things are determined because of our genes.


Now You Might Ask yourself “Will Any Yoga Practice Give Me A Kundalini Awakening with A 100% Money Back Guarantee?”

Short answer:


Historically yoga was meant to only prepare your body for the awakening of kundalini. Which would happen on it’s own if you were meant for it. (One has to understand that back then yogis really didn’t know much about genetic determination, so instead they just created the concept of past lives. To basically say resolve this conflict “Oh I mediated and did yoga all my life, and I wasn’t enlightened, but why did this guy who only meditated for an hour achieve full enlightenment?” Back then the most common answer was “Because he probably worked hard in past lives”     Now  I can give you a far more scientific answer “Because he was genetically predisposed to it, and you weren’t. You didn’t have the genetic potential he had”.

Most Enlightened People Were Very Open  About the Fact That There’s No Enlightened Guarantee, and No Secret Technique For Enlightenment

I would like to note here that Osho, Jiddu Krishnamurti and most other enlightenned masters never did any kind of yoga. Their enlightenment was spontanous. Jiddu Krishnamurti even made fun of practicing yoga for enlightenment:

Kundalini yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Satyananda Yoga, are all completely safe great exercises that improve the quality of your life. But they do not ’cause’ a kundalini awakening. They just allow your natural predisposition to it to  quickly and safely unfold in the best way possible. IF they are regularly practiced of course. Again. A kundalini awakening will happen spontanously- on it’s own. You just need to increase the chances for to happening.  Let’s say that your genes give you a 10% chance for a kundalini awakening to happen in your lifetime.

If you meditate and hour a day it increases to 15%

If you do yoga an hour a day it increases  an hour a day it incres to 20%

And if you find an enlightened master and  to guide you and basically ‘take you under his wing’ your probability of having a spontaneous kundalini awakening increases to 50%.

The relationship between kundalini awakening and meditation is like that between cancer and smoking. Smoking does not cause cancer it raises the probability that you’ll get cancer. It does not guarantee it. It’s the same thing here.

But many times, even if you’re sufficiently purified. The kundalini awakening can be an unpleasant experience. Since it’s basically ripping away your identification with your body and mind, and instead you’re identified with the collective world.

Why it is important to purify oneself first.

The truth is that kundalini awakening is easy – it happens spontaneously and automatically once you’re ready.  90% of the practice is ‘clearning/ purification’. Only 10% of ancient practices are actually meant to awaken kundalini directly.

Virtually every tradition that dealt with awakening the kundalini emphasized that you need to purify yourself first.  I will try to describe this as succinct as possible: If you have any mental disorder, any personality disorder or and clinical condition don’t try to awaken your kundalini.

Kundalini is biologically very similar to the experience you get after taking psilocybin, and actually studies on this drug have shown that while a large amount of people get mystical experiences from it (experiences very similar to kundalini awakening actually) a larger percentage of those who take psilocybin don’t. Instead they report extreme anxiety and basically what’s called in the drug scene’ a bad trip’.

It seems that kundalini awakening is just a more chronic equivalent of psilocybin, and as such if you’re not completely ‘clear’ before taking it and still have a lot of unconscious ‘junk’ inside of you, you’ll be pretty much in hell.

At this point I would like to note that there’s a BIG difference between kundalini awakening (which is an event) and Kundalini Yoga which  was thought by Yogi Bhajan in the east. Kundalini yoga basically has a set of practices that prepare you for kundalini awakening and might induce it if you’re predisposed to it in a safe and gradual way. But at the same time one has to remember that no technique will ‘automatically awaken your kundalini’. If you’re not genetically predisposed to it, you won’t get it. But at the same time the purifying practices that lead to kundalini awakening have the secondary benefit of improving ones quality of life (at least most of them, the ones that I will write about do), and as such it doesn’t hurt to try them.

Bottom line is: If you’re genetically predisposed to kundalini awakening it will happen once you’re clear enough, forcing it is dangerous. The best thing you can do is do some practices that aim towards  preparing your body for kundalini awakening, and then it will happen on it’s own if you’re predisposed. Just like if you’re predisposed to schizophrenia no ‘one thing’ will give you schizophrenia, just a regular living in a stressful environment.

This is the meaning of the saying


Enlightenment is an accident, meditation makes you accident prone

I hope no one will take offense as to what I’m about to say. But I seriously don’t think most westerners want to awaken their kundalini. It’s basically loosing your ego people! Many westerners think “Oh if I awaken my kundalini I’ll get cool psychic powers, all my diseases will go away, and all my problems will go away hahaha and i’ll be super smart and enlightened, and all my mental problems will go away hahaha”. This is NOT true, those things are the result of practices that prepare you for kundalini awakening not the result of kundalini awakening.
U.G. Krishnamurti experienced a full kundalini awakening, and yet if you watch some of the interviews with him he’s still one angry bitter guy. And he definitively has no psychic powers.

In the following documentary U.G. Krishnamurti describes the after effect of a kundalini awakening in the most honest way ever. Ask yourself: Do I want this?

Additionally I would like you to note how much he emphasizes in his talk that you can’t ‘force’ enlightenment. In modern scientific language (U.G. was not a scientist but a philosopher) it basically means: Either you’re genetically predisposed to it or not. If you are the kundalini exercises might induce a kundalini awakening, if not they won’t. But they will give you other unrelated health benefits.
Enlightenment is like schizophrenia.Not every person who has the genes for it will develop it, but if you don’t have the genes you will not develop it no matter how hard you try.

Incidentally pretty much every spiritual teacher will tell you that searching for an answer or trying to force a kundalini awakening is counterproductive.

Kundalini awakening puts you in the ‘natural state of not knowing’. Normally when you look at the object the schemas you have for that object –  your definition, your experiences with it, will naturally come in to place. After a kundalini awakening they come in only when summoned, you look at the world ‘as it is’.

U.G. Krishnamurti is in the present moment all the time- he has no desire to be anywhere else, he’s content with what he has in any given moment. His brain changed in such a way that it’s effortless to him now. He doesn’t ‘observe his breath to stay in the now’ as we have to do it. It’s effortless to him, just like delusions are effortless to a psychotic.

 How does hatha yoga bring about the awakening of the kundalini?

If we look at the traditional sources: hatha yoga pradipika etc. Even though there are some variations there are some similarities.

One of the first steps that has to take place is the purification of the body. The 6 physical purification exercises (sat-karmas)through which we  prepare the body for awakening of the kundalini are:

Dhauti, cleansing– basic hygiene. The internal cleansing of the body through diet, the cleansing of the teeth. So basically hygiene as preparation for hatha yoga. Here are the subtypes:

– Vasti intestinal cleansing. It’s a practice in which the yogi learns to control their intestinal movements in such a way that they learn to draw water through the anus. It is like a form of enema that cleans the body from the inside. The traditional way the yogis did this was to go into a river and cleanse the body through this process. You can just drink a lot of water to make it easier.


– Neti, cleansing of the nostrils with a neti pot

Or using a cotton thread (traditionally it was done using a cottong thread)

Nauli which is abdominal cleansing. (One has to note that the ancient texts thought of those practices as an entry point for the meditative practices. They are basically their equivalent of our brushing of teeth) This involve the creation of a rolling motion in the abdomen which purifies the abdomen. One can note now that most of the illnesses of the body are associated with a poor functioning of the abdoment

Trataka, purification of the eyes. It’s a way of purifying the eyesight by concentrating on one point. So you just fixate at one point until tears arise from the eyes. Sometimes it’s performed on a candle or a mandala. The whole point is not to blink and just to allow the tears to purify the eyes. One can note that this is also done as a meditation and is a common hypnotic induction
Kappal-bhati which literary means ‘skull-shining’. It’s a breathing technique in which you forcefully exhale through the abdomen and then allow the inhale to be automatic. The ancient yogis thought this practice purifies the cranial area from the inside.

These are the traditional sat-karmas. 6 purifying exercises. Once you do them regularly (at least once a week) you then move to the practice of asana. What’s interesting here is that in early hatha yoga asanas were mostly sitting postures. Those are the postures you found in patanjalis yoga sutras. The emphasis here is on preparing the body to meditation. Asanas are all about a firm basis for an internal process. It is a means to the internal practice of meditation.
There are also other types of cleansing that are not often talked about. See this video to see why:

Then we’re getting to pranayama which is often defined as the control of the breath. It’s important to understand that on they were another way to purify the body. This is why the ancient yogis claimed it can cure certain kinds of illnesses. The most prominent of them is sitkari
Sitkari is a form of breathing that makes a sound. It sounds like a ‘sss’
In one version of it you put your tounge between your teeth. And then from there you inhale through the mouth making a hissing sound . When you complete the inhalation hold it as long as it’s comfortable and then exhale through the nostrils

Another pranayama in the hatha yoga pradipika is sitali. The difference here is that you make a tube with your tounge:

No matter what you do kundalini awakening will be spontaneous.

One modern example I can give you is Eckhart Tolle. That guy didn’t do anything to get a kundalini awakening. He simply got the experience and surrendered to it. It’s very probable that he was just genetically predisposed to it. One has to note that mutations happen all the time,  the fact that one has genes presupposing someone to something, does not mean his/her parents had to have it.

Kundalini And The chakras

In most books essentially any meditations that work directly with the chakra increase the likelihood of a full kundalini awakening, because according to some theorists you need ‘clear chakras to have a proper kundalini awakening’. This makes sense if you think of chakras as a metaphor for different aspects of our psyche. This essentially means that you need to have a balanced personality in order to experience a proper kundalini awakening. You’ll read more about techniques to stabilize yourself on this blog, so subscribe if you’re interested

The Fastest And Safest Way Towards A Kundalini Awakening. – Shaktipat

From my research it is clear that the fastest and safest way towards a full kundalini awakening. (If you’re genetically predisposed to it) Is to be with an already enlightened masters.  The energetic transfer of energies from master to disciple was traditionally called shaktipat   and is actually the main way through which people like Gangaji achieved enlightenment. It’s a scientific fact that people unconscious become similar to the people they are with. This is more than a ‘saying’. It’s a biological fact. In all female schools girls synchronize their periods, and in turn children unconsciously adapt their parents behavioural patterns. I’ll talk more about the biology behind shaktipat (And there is an identified biology behind this sort of thing! In my book, so if you’re interested to be notified when it launches please subscribe)

Historically Yoga Was Always Social

It’s important to remember that historically the practice of hatha yoga and virtually any other yoga was a very very social event. It was an intimate transmission between a master and a student. I think that because of our focus on home study courses and do-it-yourself we frequently forget how strongly tied into a social context those yogic practices where.

I would go as far as to say that if you want to awaken your kundalini, you should search for an enlightened master. Or at the very least join a kundalini yoga class.  I think I have to use an energetic metaphor here (which I consider just a metaphor for biological processes! ):

By being near an enlightened master your energies will be ‘entrained to his higher frequency’

How will you know if you’re near an enlightened master? You’ll feel the energies. (Aka you’ll feel it in your body)  If you don’t feel  the energies, he’s not the guy for you.  It’s really as  simple as that. You either feel it or you don’t. It’s pretty much a similar thing to love. You could try to intellectualize ‘do I love this person? I don’t know but maybe” But the thing is t hat if you’re trying to ‘guess’ weather you have feelings for someone, chances are you don’t. Especially in this context. Only the presence of a master/guru who’s energies you feel very strongly will help you awaken your kundalini/ achieve enlightenment.

Some of the masters that had this effect on people:

  • Osho
  • U.G Krishnamurti
  • Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Papaji

The main problem with this approach is that those people are very very hard to find. But you instinctively ‘feel’ when you’ve found the right one. I’ve read numerous accounts in which a person has ‘felt the energies of his/her master’.

You might now claim that you don’t have such ‘energetic sensitivity’ but this is essentially emotional sensitivity if anything else. To increase your emotional sensitivity. I suggest that you signup to my list, because in the future I’ll write an article about  how to do exactly that


Although it is important to note that even from the most ‘energetic’ and spirituality perspective:

Experiences do not produce spiritual progress. Well-regulated practices over the long term do. It is essential to understand this important point. In the same way every real change.


In the same way one rarely changes from a one-off experiences. Real change is created by many experiences repeated over and over again.

Yoga is a good way to prepare yourself for kundalini awakening

Kundalini yoga emphasizes practices that prepare you for kundalini awakening. In a way satyananda yoga also does that albeit in a much more grounded and systematic way. But I personally would discourage anyone from trying to self-study these systems of yoga. Yoga teachers are so common everywhere that no one has to go through the pain of trying to learn yoga on his own. Remember yoga originally was a social event, a social thing between people interested in spiritual exploration. Respect it and just go to a kundalini yoga, sivananda yoga, or satyananda yoga class.

While only the more advanced methods in those systems will deal with awakening your kundalini directly those yogic systems are designed to sufficiently prepare you for kundalini awakening. And even on their own they have several benefits. So they definitively will be helpful both to a person who has genes that will enable him a kundalini awakening, and a person who’ll never achieve kundalini awakening.

Premature Kundalini Awakening

There actually such a thing as premature kundalini awakening. Remember Yogic methods were all about purification and preparation for kundalini awakening. It was very common for people to go completely crazy after a premature kundalini awakening, induced by some of the ‘more advanced’ practices. This is why they are rarely thought.

You need to build a foundation before you even attempt to awaken your kundalini.

Mantak Chia discusses the microcosmic orbit meditation in great detail in his book.  In this book he relies pretty much purely on the energetic metaphor. And he warned that if your energetic channels are not all pure the energy will get ‘stuck’ in the orbit, which will lead to many serious diseases.

There are kundalini awakening processes. But to me they are the ONE thing that requires guidance of someone competent.

I’ll actually describe my personal experience with kundalini psychosis in my  upcoming book “Kundalini Awakening & Psychosis: The Dark Side Of Kundalini Awakening”. It will include describe in greater detail everything you’ve just read in this article and more, if you’re interested please signup to this list:) 

The foundation you need to build before attempting to awaken your kundalini

– A quiet mind

– Mindfulness

– Getting rid of as much body armouring as possible

– Recommended: Regular yoga practice, especially pranayama

I have a very pragmatic philosophy concerning kundalini awakening: If you’re genetically predisposed to it and do yoga, and other techniques I’ll reveal in future books (signup to get notified about them) regularly it will safely happen on it’s own. Any technique that tries to force it is dangerous.

There’s a  Difference Between What Was Described As Kundalini Awakening In Ancient Texts And What’s Commonly Sold As Kundalini Awakening

It’s actually very very simple to induce a state similar to a ‘kundalini awakening’ through hypnotic suggestion. I myself have tried it numerous times on friends. And each time they ‘experienced a kundalini awakening’. As in they really did feel the energy going up their spine. The problem it was just a hallucination. A parlor trick. Many hypnotists capitalize on the fact that kundalini awakening is a popular concept and that many people would like to get an ‘quick and easy way’ to it. And as such they sell ‘kundalini awakening self hypnosis recordings’ that not only promise you a full blown kundalini awakening, but also better health and numerous other things.

I’m not saying of course that those kinds of CDs don’t have value. They do: The person believes he has a ‘kundalini awakening’ and as such accepts suggestions that he’ll now become healthy. And due to the power of suggestion he will actually feel healthier, happier, and even more spiritual. But the problem is that this is NOT the kind of kundalini awakening occultists and swamis spoke in the old days. The symbol of it was just used to give a hypnotic subject positive suggestions about his life. It’s as simple.

In a way this kind of ‘kundalini awakening’ is what most westerners want. The real kundalini awakening is painful -you’re loosing your ego, your individuality, all your desires. It’s not something 90% of westerners would want. But this recording? It’s something almost everyone would want “Oh hell yeah better  health yay!”. It is helpful, but it is not the ‘true’ kundalini. Just a hypnotic metaphor.

The main problem with such things is that they give rise to numerous false accounts of an awakened kundalini. People put themselves into trances either through taking drugs or through other inductions and they experience an ‘awakening of a kundalini’ (most notably as an energy rising up the spine). But the problem here is that I think you underestimate the amount of energy we’re talking about in a true kundalini awakening and what a destructive effect it has on your ego.

Even without the use of any suggestion you can experience ‘energy rising up your spine’ Here’s a simple trick to do this:

1 Go to the toilet and start peeing

2 abruptly start holding it in the middle and feel something like an energy moving up the spine’

3 Do this repeatedly – you can feel like a tiny shiver moving up your spine if you do that. (Providing that you have an adequate level of bodily awareness)


This is actually a kegel exercise for premature ejaculation. But it also was very popular among tantric circles because you do sometimes sense an ‘energy’ while doing it.  It’s a natural reflex that some people are able to sense. I actually do it quite often because I found that it also helps with sexual transmutation. But I’ll write about that in future articles. I already digressed to much. Please subscribe if you’re interested.

Pretty much every authentic teacher of yoga, tantra or any other spiritual discipline will tell you that to awaken your kundalini you need to spend a LOT  of time on preparation. The form of kundalini yoga that’s marketed in the west is mostly concerned with preparation for kundalini awakening it , not with directly awakening it.


Let me tell you this: Having your kundalini awakened before you’re sufficiently clear is similar to a bad trip while taking drugs just over 9000 times more powerful and bad. So believe me, you don’t want to awaken your kundalini prematurely.  What you do want is to focus on exercises that will  systematically clear you, and as such will allow the kundalini happen when you’re ready. And I’ll describe those exercises in the future on this blog, so signup if you’re interested.


Last but not least, Here’s a quick overview of the methods traditionally used to prepare someone for kundalini awakening:

1 Physical means, this includes all forms of pranayama, hatha yoga

2 Concentration and Meditation – This includes zen meditation, meditations focusing on a particular chakra etc. I will discuss them in the future on this blog in greater detail, so if you’re interested in them please subscribe. Various practices of neigong also fall under this category.

3 Brahmacharya – celibacy. Yes it’s pretty much a truth that celibacy was used as a preparation for kundalini awakening.  And it could actually increase once health if done correctly. You’ll be able to read more about it in my upcoming book book “Sexual Transmutation” so if transforming sexual energy into productivity and spirituality is something you’re interested in. Subscribe and you’ll be notified when the book launches.

4 Many people think that tantra involved ‘sexual practices’. And it’s true that it did, but one has to remember that those sexual practices were not masturbation. They were expressions of love between two partners who mixed their energies together in preparation for a kundalini awakening. It’s important to note that it’s pretty much impossible to use this method of preparation alone, as you need to have a partner. That’s why I’ll only focus on 1,2,3 here, and direct you to other specialists in 4 if you such a thing appeals to you.Additionally I would like to note that you need to be very proficient at 1 and 2 to make use of the sexual techniques for kundalini awakening, and don’t even try to attempt them without a teacher. That’s why I will focus on 1, 2, 3 on this blog, since this is first and foremost a self-help blog.

It is important to acknowledge that pretty much every yogic text and ancient scriptures have said that only a healthy body and mind can get a proper kundalini awakening. This might sound to some as a ‘bummer’ but take into account that in hindu philosophy this is considered the ultimate achievement of human kind. This is not mindfulness. This is the spiritual equivalent of a bodybuilding trophy.

hard truth:

  • If you have any physical illnesses you can forget about kundalini awakeing until you resolve those
  • If you ever had any psychological problems you can for get about kundalini awakening until you resolve though
  • If your body could and mind could not be described as an example of ‘perfect health’ kundalini will not be pleasant for you.

This is actually why many yogic techniques are USEFUL to westerners. They were not designed to ‘awaken the kundalini’ but to prepare the body and mind for the awakening of the kundalini. As in to make the body and mind healthy, concentrated, and disciplined.

Again I have to repeat myself: I would recommend everyone to just forget about trying to awaken once kundalini, and instead do the practices that purify ones mind and body, so that if you’re genetically predisposed to a kundalini awakening (Unlikely but there are always some) it will be a pleasant experience.

If you have kundalini awakening as a goal. Do all of the practices I’ll describe on this blog  and also join a system that aims to systematically prepare you for that: Mantak Chia’s system is a good one, so is satyananda yoga, sivananda yoga, and kundalini yoga.  But I would only recommend them if you can get them ‘life’ not as a long distance school. For one the yogic exercises are kind off complicated and I found it nearly impossible to learn them from a book. Additionally I found  that working with a live teacher is a completely different experience. It’s the difference between masturbating and having sex = big difference.

And while I am the strongest proponent of self-help on the planet, I can’t recommend anyone home-studying if one is serious about yoga. A live teacher  is really much better, especially if your end goal is to have you kundalini awakened.

But  I have to mention here that all of those things just raise the probability of you getting a kundalini awakening if you’re already genetically predisposed to it. If you’re not, you won’t get one no matter what you do. It’s definitively not something everyone can get  if he tries, and if someone who’s neurotic tries to do it, he’ll turn psychotic.

I feel very strongly about the fact that a rigorous practice of spirituality can be detrimental to ones health, productivity and wellbeing. This is why I’m writing a book on this specific topic called “Kundalini Awakening & Psychosis” in which I will not only explain the most probable biological basis of kundalini awakening, but I’ll also describe  why it’s biologically linked with psychosis.  So if you’re in any way interested in the true biology behind what enlightened masters experienced. I encourage you to signup to my pre-launch list, and then you’ll get my book for a big discount when it launches:)


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