Taking The Pseudo Out of Pseudoscience and Making It Useful for Your Life Aka The EmpiricSpirit Manifesto

Pseudoscience Is Pseudoscience Because It Doesn’t Admit It Can Be Wrong

And in the same way 99% of pseudoscience is a pseudoscience because it not only doesn’t even bother to create a specific theory of what it is, but it also creates it’s, usually very general and vague, hypothesis in such a way that it’s impossible to be proven wrong.  For example  the alternative therapy called thought field therapy was  pseudoscientific because it did everything it could so that it would be unfalsifiable. It used concepts like energy toxins, psychological reversal and numerous other things that essentially make sure that his theory could not be disproven. In addition to that he used inappropriate concepts from the field of mathematics such as permutation only for the reason to make himself sound smart. (Seriously, that was the only reason!)

Also because off marketing

The thing about scientists is that most of them are very non-commercial. They live in this artificial world in which prestige and approval from their science peers is reward enough, well that coupled with the well-paid position of a professor or researcher I guess.

This is different with pseudoscience. First and foremost most alternative practitioners don’t have any scientific credentials at all, and those that do generally have one in a  completely different field. For example somone might claim that he created ‘the ultimate cure all for all psychological problem’ while having a degree in real estate management( sedona method) or another person might  claim that he discovered the secret of nutrition while being an english major (Sally Fallon, from the weston price foundation).

Yet other experts might even buy fake degrees for example Joe Vitale is a ‘doctor’ of metaphysics from the universal life church. (You can get such a degree in a week for 5$, no kidding).

Most pseudoscientists were essentially salesmen who know that most people do not want the truth, and as such they created their own brand of bullshit to increase the perceived value of their stuff. This is the true motivation behind various forms of pseudoscience on the market.

What’s the harm? Disinformation RUINS LIVES

The major harm of alternative medicine and other forms of pseudoscience is not that it’s ineffective. If anything most of the techniques work, they just don’t work for the reasons they claim to. For example EFT and TFT are nothing more than forms of systematic desensitization.

The problem is that 90% of alternative therapies promise to be  a cure all. TFT  for example promised to cure EVERY mental illness from psychosis to ‘poverty’.( Yes poverty. TFT, just like most alternative therapies really liked the law of attraction, and as such they believed that if you’re poor there’s something wrong with you)

And in the same way most alternative therapies put the blame on the patient, mostly because most alternative therapies had like 7 days of training so a they would get a lot of blaming if they allowed for it, so instead they just created the secret and numerous other philosophies that claim that if a method doesn’t work it’s all your fault.

This leads to guilt, blaming the victim and sometimes the lies given by most alternative therapists can actually make someone completely psychotic


Yet At The Same Time Experience And ‘Unscientific’ Knowledge Gives Something That Science Does Not

Let’s face it. Although most doctors will always claim that they support you taking life in you own hands, the truth is that conventional medicine will always emphasize drugs and surgery over preventive approaches. Especially in america in which doctors are actually more motivated to push drugs than in any other country because they actually get a commission from it.

Additionally many of the ‘alternative’ therapies legitimately do talk about stuff science has not yet explored, they just do it in a very wacky way because most of their discoveries are not as epic as to allow them to sell it as a cure all.

Additionally many fringe sciences evolved into protosciences and then were incorporated into established science. This was the case with hypnosis and meditation, and I think that every ‘alternative’ approach will be cleared of the bullshit once and put into that category.

Something That Skeptics Do Not Acknowledge

Additionally the truth is that there are so many factors that contribute to your health that you really won’t get something that’s adjusted to your specific needs from a doctor who essentially spends 10 minutes on you and then takes in the next patient (which is mostly the case, at least in poland)

In the same way there are things that are not yet really fully researched by science, and the so called ‘alternative techniques’  help you make use of them. And they CAN be useful if you approach them scientifically  which is what this blog is all about

If Books Could Change People the World Would be a Paradise, so Let’s Go with Something Better

The truth is that books don’t change people. And that’s a fact.  Statistically 99% of self-help books aren’t even read, and of those that are read only 1% actually implements a THING from them. A THING, this is why self-help books can actually get away with advice like ‘be more positive’ or ‘feel good and good things will happen to you’, most people won’t use it anyway so you can write anything as long as it sounds motivational

A person changes through experience and doing. Talking and thinking about things won’t do you any good.  And this is where the empiric, of this site comes into play: Your experiences, and the thing you do moment by moment determines who you are.

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The power of most forms of alternative medicine is that they emphasize experiences and more often than not actually get people to do stuff, which is the real value is.

Taking The Pseudo Out of Pseudoscience and Turning It Into A Protoscience

So the difference between pseudoscience and science is that it’s not falsifiable and that it contradicts all that we already know about the universe.  A pseudoscience could turn into a protoscience (something that’s almost as good as established science) if it creates a more specific theory  that’s ready to be proven wrong, and if it’s also is able to claim something that makes sense in the light of current modern science.

And you know what? It’s my educated opinion that everything in pseudoscience that actually works can be explained scientifically and through that turned into protoscience.

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Personal Experience Has No Value As Scientific Evidence, but It’s Good For Personal Evidence And Feedback

The truth is that when it comes to YOU. There are many many factors which will determine what’s good for you. For example science has proven that regular exercise is healthy, it has proven that meditation is healthy, but   implementing it is actually a whole different deal.  This is most noticable in diet.  Not every diet will be good for everyone, no matter what any fad-dietist claims. One could be for example intolerant for some foods and intolerant to others, the only way to test it is through experience, or through expensive immune system tests.

But the thing is that you are an unique individual and not everything works for anyone, the empiricspirit is all about finding what YOU can use to improve YOUR life in a very customized way.

An Empiric Spirit Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

I would like to name a person who uses everything useful in pseudoscience, while acknowledging that science has not discovered anything an empiricspirit, and this is what the site is all about. Taking the pseudo out of pseudoscience, and  leaving in only the practical rest, which you can use to help yourself.


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Hello I’m Matt Pepliński, the lies in alternative medicine have literary given me psychosis and as such I created this site to take the pseudo out of pseudoscience to make it actually useful in your life.