Energies?, Demons?, Wut?

In The Past There Was No Science. There  Were Only Demons And Energies

Few people know that only 200 years ago MOST of science was explained by referring to ‘demons’ and ‘spirits’. This is because we as humans generally do not think scientifically. We think in stories. But the thing is that everyone can create a different stories.  That’s why the ‘energetic’ explanations behind yoga, qigong and numerous other ‘occult’ phenomena will always find people who are interested in them. They are a cool story. Nothing else.

This is Because The Energetic Explanation Is Innate

The truth is that energies are an explanation we revert to naturally whenever we do not know how to explain something. You ask a child with no education to explain how a liver works or how his body works in general he’ll very often use ‘energetic’ logic to describe the way his body functions. If anything it sounds exactly the same as what you would hear from a practitioner of chinese medicine

This is partially why the energetic explanation appeals to those who think emotionally.  Energies are essentially an explanation we naturally revert to when we don’t know the explanation for something. It is the emotional naive explanation that’s ‘intuitive’.

The Energetic Explanation is Emotional. It Is a Story, and As Such Everyone Will Write His Own Story.

The energetic explanation is innate, but it’s always colored by the culture someone lives in. This is why new agers will always use quantum physics and other sci-fi sounding explanations for their energies. They simply ‘speak’ to the language of their current culture. This is why there will never be any consensus as to ‘how’ the energy actually works. Chinese medicine will contradict ayurvedic medicine , which will in turn be contradicted by tibetan medicine and virtually any energetic system.

In the same way the descriptions of chakras will vary from book to book because they are nothing but metaphors someone hallucinated during a deep trance state. They are stories. Metaphors that were created by the power of our mind to explain the world.

That’s Why People Will Actually Link Energies To demons

Yes. You heard it right. It’s true that most new agers intuitively know that the concept of energies is rightfully met with skepticism and as such they create explanations that mimic a hint of seriousness. They try to limit their claims, and refer to modern technology (in this case quantum physics) to explain their alternative practices.

But the thing is that many less commercially oriented occultists don’t even care about sounding legit. They just say what their experiences tell them to say.

And through that they will often combine their own metaphor of qi with another metaphor that’s native to us.


Yes. Demons

You heard it right.

There are people will will actually claim that they ‘scientifically‘ explained chi by referring to demons.

This is mostly because if you would ask a Jehovah’s witness or a christian fundamentalist  why he doesn’t like yoga he’ll also refer to demons as the cause. Demons are pop in christian circles – it is their metaphor.

I’ll now discuss the ‘logic’ and claims of the semi-popular site ‘dangersofchi.org”

Dangersofqi.org – Chi as DEMONS

Yes. Demons. You heard it right. New agers like to re-frame chi as everything from a quantum entanglement, electromagnetism, regular magnetism, or ATP.

But some of the more esoterically oriented folks don’t  really bother with even appearing scientific. Nope. They say “Let’s just use demons, my intuition told me it’s legit so it has to be ”

The ‘annonymous’ author of dangersofqi. org essentially states that the energy one feels while doing yoga and qigong is nothing more but a sign of DEMONIC POSESSION

You heard it right here folks.

And you know what? It makes as much sense as claiming it’s made out of electromagnets, he just connected one metaphor to the other. At least one has to give him credit that he stayed within the very same theological field. Good for you.

His logic is basically based on this:

Involuntary movement = DEMONIC POSESSION

Incidentally it’s the very same logic by which XIV century physicians diagnosed and treated diseases, so it has to be legit! It’s based on ‘ancient wisdom’, and ancient wisdom is always right… right?

The problem is that I HAVE FRIENDS  acquaintances who tread this site seriously. They treat it just as seriously as someone would treat a biology textbook.

I’ll give the author credit though. He described the history of qigong and martial arts very thoroughly. In fact I might claim that his history was  9999 times  more thorough than that of most new agers.

This is what happens when one relies on armchair philosophy instead of science – Your own prejudices and biases take hold of you, and never let go.

This just shows why true science always beats armchair philosophy .With armchair philosophy you’ll always be biased. You’ll always let your own prejudice and opinions color the data. There’s no way to be objective with thinking alone.

This is why we have  discovered 90% of the truth of the world in the last 200 years since the discovery of the scientific method, and through the systematic analysis of data in the context of previous findings.

In science every hypothesis is looked at in the context of the ones that were accepted before, so if someone for example would create a hypothesis that “Strength training lowers muscle mass in healthy individuals”  it would be dismissed outright because we already k now that it’s false.

 Truly Scientific Theories Are Based On Previous Discoveries.

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Without looking at the previous achievements of science and at what history thought us  the hypothesis that “the sensation of qi one experiences during acupressure is created by demons” is about as legit as any other.

But even this author is right on one thing. Spirituality and any kind of inner work can be dangerous if you’re doing it wrong.


I do agree with this anonymous author on one thing: Any kind of energy work could be potentially dangerous to someone if he’s mentally unstable. I actually GOT PSYCHOSIS because of it. Yup.  They don’t really advertise it in yoga class that often,  I didn’t even read a disclaimer about that in the new age bookstore I got my books from!

The author does give a very good factual accounts of qigong psychosis( kundalini psychosis)  how it’s sometimes called.

He began to learn himself from Qigong books the “Wu Qin Xi” (exercise mimicking the gestures of five animals) on November 26, 1984 for the treatment of lumbago. Ten days later, he suddenly had “special cenesthesiopathy” with “Qi” flowing adversely in the head and abdomen. When “Qi” flowed into his head, he felt fullness of head and chest distress. When showing a Qigong gesture, he suffered agony and anxiety, even attempting to commit suicide. Two hours later he was sent to Shanghai Institute of Qigong for help. Guided by a Qigong master he recovered. The next day he became delirious and claimed that he could hear the voice of evil spirits; he prayed to Buddha for help but only lost his self control

He learned on his own the “He Xiang Zhuang” (crane-flying Qigong), another school of Qigong in February 1984, attempting to treat his ailment, the hypertrophy of cervical vertebra…..Later he turned to learn the “Long Men Five Flow,” another school of Qigong. On the third morning he suddenly began to cry and dance, still doing Qigong exercise in bed. He thought that his dead mother would be brought back to life whereas he would become a ghost. He said that he could see Buddha and God, and he believed in religion.


Just Because Someone Cities Good Sources Doesn’t Mean He is Right

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But at the same time even though his data is legit and his references are legit the author gives the erroneous theory  that just because in the history of the world every occult tradition talked about demons, and energy the both have to be the same thing.

He essentially states that ‘both are the result of demonic posession”. It’s pretty obvious to me that this author is nothing more than a fundamentalist christian who had some natural biological experiences as a result of his spiritual practices, and because fundamentalist christians love to scream ‘satan’ at everything they disagree with he starts screaming ‘satan’ at acupressure and chi. It’s really that simple – it’s an emotional logic that has been shown over and over again by people who relate to the old medieval way of thinking

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