The Scientific Explanation For All Paranormal Phenomena

The truth is that you can find studies on telekinesis, psychokinesis and other things like that in peer-reviewed journals. And they are under the all-encompassing  label of “Psi”

What is Psi Energy?

While reading various popular self-help books you probably read references to ‘psychic powers’ ‘intuition’ (the ‘supernatural’ kind), extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, meaningful coincidences, telekinesis and numerous other metaphysical things.

The thing is that each and one of those things is studied scientifically under the same label.  Psi is  essentially defined  as a yet unresearched way in which we interact with our environment, and is postulated to be the true natural explanation behind all forms of ‘supernatural’ phenomena.   And there are actually very serious accredited university departments devoted to it’s study.

Why Is Psi Energy Important?

The important thing one has to know about qigong, yoga and pretty much every other spiritual system is that they are based on metaphor. This is not a bad thing perse. The exploration of the mind by psychoanalysis was also based on metaphor and it developed into a respected psychotherapeutic practice that was the dominant way of psychological thinking for years. And to this day there are studies that show the efficiency of psychoanalysis ,  even though it was and is  as “scientific” to skeptics as yoga, qigong or acupuncture, if not less so.

Therefore it is not surprising that many psychoanalysts were so interested in the exploration of spiritual phenomena. One of the most famous examples is Freud’s student Carl Jung, and indeed the term ‘synchronicity’, which was coined by him has become pretty much ingrained into western culture.  The word “synchronicity” means “meaningful coincidence” it’s when you think of someone and he comes to visit without being invited, or when you have a dream and it happens. The official definition is

The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Carl Jung, along with Wolfgang Paul both believed that the integration of physics and parapsychology is not only possible, but required for the further development of science. This is why many modern physicists and parapsychologists have devoted their lives to finding the connection between mysticism and physics. This connection is called Psi- the term used in parapsychology to denote the ‘thing’ (generally explained using the energetic metaphor)that’s responsible for synchronicity and  all paranormal phenomena.

A short Introduction To Psi Energy

It is important to note that the attempts at discovering what Psi energy is and the if it really is there date back years. In 1882 the Society for Psychical Research was founded in england to investigate psychic phenomena. This is also why they called the energies they studies psi,  as an abbreviation of the word ‘psychic’. It is very interesting to note that Hans Berger (the man who invented the EEG) originally searched for psi and found his more accepted discoveries pretty much just along the way.  In short Psi energy has been studies for years, and the research on it has caused numerous discoveries that are respected by every single person on the planet: EEG, double-blind studies, and many others.

Parapsychologists generally agree that it is psi that’s responsible for precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis, and some theorize that it is  responsible for the power of manifestation given to magick and prayer, and the power of healing given to intention and healing rituals of reiki and other hands-on and distance healing systems.

Some researchers  differentiate it from the energy which supposedly flows through the meridians and chakras, and some don’t, claiming that it’s all composed of the same energy. For the sake of convenience from now on whenever I’ll talk about any form of psychic energy I’ll name it Psi. If only for the reason that when you’ll got to a western university library and search for “Psi” you’ll find numerous studies on it, which you won’t find  when you’ll search for ‘chakras’

In it’s purest form Psi is a form of instantaneous communication between time and space. This information has to be able to enter ones mind without the use of ordinary senses, and it must be able to interact with objects at a distance. A cohesive theory of ‘what’ is psi is very hard to make, because it has to be something that connects with everything, as  by definition it’s influence is not constrained to the body but to the totality of reality, so it can’t be anything explained as a part of the nervous system in the same way  chakras and meridians can.

In The Past Psychic Phenomena Was “Normal” But Then We Became All Rational And It Fell Out Of Favor

It’s interesting to note that the study of psychic phenomena was not always so controversial. In ancient times people understood the universe in terms of spirits, humours and elements, so to them the concept of psychic phenomena was nothing but consistent with their view of reality – spirits can travel as fast as possible, so can chi, qi or prana, this is why ancient yogic and taoist texts very often mention psychic abilities they call siddhis and claim that they can be developed through meditation. It was only after science developed sufficiently for us to answer most of the questions of the world, that we began to seriously doubt the existence of all psychic phenomena. So psi at one time was taken for granted, and now is denied.

But historically from the dawn of the scientific area theories of psi followed advances in physics. This is why Jung and his friends tried to link it to electromagnetism (Freud also used the metaphor of electromagnetism to describe the workings of the human mind), and then Psi is  was mostly explained by using theories based on the quantum field, a now most newer theories are based the entanglement principle. Entanglement is a concept from quantum physics that refers to connections between subatomic particles that persist regardless of being separated by various distances.

As I mentioned before in this article the explanations for Psi are various, and are generally developed on the latest developments in physics. I’ll now mention some of them- there are others, but those are the most popular ones you’ll find in books.

The Different Theories Of Psi Energy

Because  the concept of psi is pretty much the hardest thing on the planet to research, as proving psi is almost as hard as proving god, there are many conflicting theories of what Psi actually is. I’ll mention a few main ones, and if you’ll encounter new ones on your travels you have to realize that a hypothesis is created every minute – even you can create one of if you try, and since this is the one field where science is still not-sure of anything, you can do that with the same credibility of a super-scientist.

Skeptical Hypotheses.

Skeptics generally explain psychic phenomena or the fact that some people can sense psi by saying it’s caused by autosuggestion, wishful thinking, or straightforward lying. I would like to note here that even if they were right this would not really take the value from the methods I describe in my book upcoming book, because   the there have their efficiency proved by studies that do not rely on  their psionic qualities.

Signal-Transfer Hypothesis

Those theories claim that Psi functions in the same way through which a radio works (You can guess when those theories were created- at the same time when the radio became popular). Those books even caused books entitled “Mental Radio” to be released.

The main problem with this theory is that distance healing seems to work  no matter from how far you do it- and radio waves get weaker the longer they travel.

In short those theories claim we have a ‘psychic radio transmitter’ somewhere in our body. In newer publications those explanations almost never appear since the radio is so passe.

Intention Hypothesis

Many theories- especially those in occult tradition- claim that Psi is an otherworldly mediator of intention and thought and a receiver of it. A fundamentally immaterial substance through which we communicate with other people in our dreams, and when we have an immense deep emotional connection with another person. This is pretty much the theory given in most occult books from the pre-scientific area.

Field Hypotheses

Carl Jung postulated that there’s a collective unconscious from which we gain knowledge. Other people also have postulated a theory similar to that. Rupert Sheldrake created a theory of the morphogenetic field, while Michael Persinger created a geomagnetic field theory.   All of those theories postulate the existence of some form of nonlocal memory permeating time and space that we can resonate with. While Jung and Sheldrake do not specify what this field might be composed off Persinger’s model assumes that the Earth’s geomagnetic field mediates the field. (Which is in correspondence to Anton Mesmer’s theory of animal magnetism).

Most of those theories don’t try to explain how information flows from our minds to those fields. And when they do they use the process of resonance. When you hit two tuning forks together they’ll synchronize their tune- the same principle works here. The principle of resonance is also common in humans. When you put a lot of women together under one roof their periods will very frequently synchronize.

The principle of resonance is also very often used to explain away the phenomena of healing. Richard Gordon in his book Quantum Touch, in which he describes a process of hands on feeling, claims that all healing is done through the process of resonance. According to him when you’re on a ‘higher vibration’ (which according to him is raised through deep breathing, hyperventilation and meditation) you can heal people by putting your hands on them, as they’ll resonate with you and entrain with you- their vibrations will increase to mach yours, or if  you don’t actively increase your vibration (which he uses hyperventilation for) you’ll vibration will decrease to match theirs. This is how he explains the fact that some people get sick after trying to heal a person through healing-touch.

The recently deceased ‘spiritual teacher’ (I use it in quotes because I believe his musings did more harm than good) is an example of a person who uses the field theory, so is Deepak Chopra.

Mutlidimensional theories

Has anyone watched the TV show Sliders? It’s the same thing. Those theories claim that psychic healing and occult phenomena works by accessing a fourth dimension.  In his book “A theory of the Mechanism Of Survival: The fourth Dimension and It’s Applications” Whateley Carington claimed that the afterlife is basically moving to the fourth dimension.

Modern theorists still use this theory as the basis of Psi energy. Elizabeth Rauscher and Russel Targ are examples

Quantum Theories

Observational Theory

Quantum is a very popular term in spiritual circles. And I admit that many theorists use that term only because quantum physics is one of the few unexplored areas of physics, and so “psi has to have something to do with this!’

One of the most popular theories is based on a phenomena in quantum physics in which an observer influences what he observes. This has been used as the theoretical basis for the movie The Secret and What The Bleep Do We know?

And many physicists  do indeed agree with that theory. The most notable example is Fred Allan Wolf, but no one who treats this concept seriously does not claim you can become a millionaire just through wishing.

Other physicists that contributed to the Observational Theory are Evan Harris Walker, and Helmut Schmidt. The theory basically assumes that the observation of a quantum event probabilistically influences it’s outcome

While there are some experiments which indicate that the Observational Theory has some merit in real life, the research and professional opinions are so mixed that this theory is , at best, put in the category of ‘maybe’

“Reality Is Quantum” Theories

By definition quantum physics deals with properties that happen on a very microcosmic levels. But some theorists, most notably Walter von Lucodou, claim that  the properties of matter in the quantum realm correspond to the properties of matter in the realm we live day to day, it’s just that we can’t observe them scientifically because we are in this quantum realm too. Of course this hypothesis is, by definition, not falsifiable and because of that not scientific

Weak Quantum Theory

Those researchers basically choose to accept the quantum theory as a metaphor for how Psi and psychological phenomena works. Hartmann Romer for example tried to explain the process of transference (in which the patient projects his problems onto the therapist) to properties of quantum cells.

It’s actually very common in psychotherapy to do that- use something completely unrelated as an allegory for something else. For a very long period of time psychology used the metaphor of and electromagnetic current to explain all psychological problems (psycboanalysis) and in ancient times the metaphor of water was used.

Bohm’s Hologram Theory

This is a theory that’s very popular in modern books about energy therapy, mostly because David Bohm  (who created it) studied under Einstein, and Einstein is very popular, he had fun hair.

In this system a hologram is used as a metaphor to illustrate how information about a whole system can be put into a small part of it, and how a small part of something reflects the whole. This is mostly used to rationalize acupressure and chakra-therapy- in which it is claimed that a particular organs are reflected in an energy center, or on a point on the soles of the feet in the case of reflexology.  “Vibrational Medicine” By Richard Gerber is an example of a book that bases it’s whole system on this theory.

This theory is also very much liked by practitioners of advaita-vedanta because in that paradigm it’s logical that an individual is not an independent being, but instead is just a project of of a single substance/system.  Other authors who use this paradigm in their work is the american philosopher Ken Wilber and Micheal Talbot who wrote the book “The Holographic Universe” in which he tries to combine the ideas of David Bohm with the ideas of Karl Pibram, a neuroscientist who proposed a holographic model of the human brain.

Quantum Entanglement

I won’t pretend that I understand the details of quantum entanglement. But it’s basically a concept which claims that particles have a form of connection and are able to influence one another across time and space. This influence is correlational, meaning that they basically increase the chance of something happening by 10% or so in complex systems.

But which one of those theories is correct? What Is Psi Energy?

You want the true answer?

You really really want it?

WE DO NOT KNOW! – We only have speculations, it’s up to you to decide which is true

But this does not mean that the concept of psi is worthless

As …

The Evidence For The Existence Of Something Like Psi Energy Is Strong

At least as strong as the evidence that psychoanalysis works.  There have been hundreds of studies done on psi and more than a handful of meta-analyses (in which a researcher basically analyzes all the research on a given topic and says weather or not something is true or not). And all of them basically say that something is happening, and the ones that don’t are quickly contradicted by meta-meta-analyses of meta analyses;p

You can read more about research concerning psi by going to Dean Radin’s website To me the evidence that something like psi exists is very, very clear. To see a more detailed analysis of the current research on psi please read “Entangled Minds” by Dean Radin
At the point of writing this no one has been able to explain the paradoxes of quantum mechanics, but lack of understanding does not mean it doesn’t work. Similarly people have not been able to explain how exactly hebbian learning works, but this theory has been used in practice for many years before it was actually proven as a fact. This is why I’m a proponent of rational theories on psi. I personally think that the psi hypothesis is probable, and this is why I wrote about it in my book and in my book Energy Therapy: A Practical Analysis Of Energetic Modalities.

And I know for a fact- and I have over 100 studies to prove my point that the various energy therapy techniques I describe in my book work. And this is the most important thing.

Although I sometimes do agree with skeptics, I don’t want to be a skeptic myself. The most interesting thing about skeptics is that (a) they sound like fundamentalists, and put forth utterly irrational arguments while blithely ignoring facts; BUT (b) because their view is the reigning view of our times, they feel entitled to smile in a condescending manner at those who accept the scientific evidence for psi as “irrational”. Neal Grossman accurately describes them as “fundamaterialists”). 

But on the other hand I’m a die-hard opponent of Fraudulent psi claims, such as the claims of the law of attraction. Because there is no proof- esoteric or scientific, that you can materialize a million dollars through wishing. Psi most likely exists but at the same time it’s not that powerful as to allow someone to be  a ‘millionaire through his mind’.  Psi is something that’s treated seriously in academic circles. There are in fact some university faculties that are fully devoted to the study of psi. You can find one of them at:

Psi , the  Unconscious and Psychotherapy

I would like you to now realize the difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Please imagine a small flashlight in the room which you use to eliminate parts of it -this is the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the room, and the unconscious is composed of the small cracks and areas under your bed that can’t be illuminated by the flashlight.

It could be very much possible that our subconscious mind – which is the reflection of the unconscious parts of our brain which are influenced by acupuncture and chakra meditations- has the ability to influence psi in some way.

So  psi energy seems to form an interconnected system through which all paranormal phenomena and energy healing takes place. So if you want to master the 80% of benefits of psi with only 20% of the effort. I invite  you to subscribe to be notified once I release a book that will attempt at explaining the practical aspects of psi in the best possible way.


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