The Secret Of Yoga Siddhis Spiritual Teachers Don’t Want You To Know

Most Siddhis Are Nothing More Than Hypnotic Phenomena

In a previous article I discussed in great depths how many yogic techniques are nothing more than hypnosis. Now I’ll specifically target ‘yogic miracles’ and explain the truth behind them.

Are Siddhis Special Or Just Using Something Uncommon?

Pretty much all of the ‘magnificent feats of mental control’ attributed to yogis can be explained as manifestation of hypnotic phenomena or as simple slight of hand (Interestingly the discipline of stage magic and slight of hand is very often connected with NLP, a hypnotic discipline)  Let me describe each of them one by one.

  • Walking over burning coal  – This is half in half. While this practice has been incorporated by Tony Robbins and other motivational speakers because it is a fact that anyone can walk on coals unharmed, some of the yogis walked slowly on them and had their soles burned. They didn’t scream in pain because they were under a deep hypnotic trance, which when coupled with their intense belief in their ability to not feel pain created a full-body anesthesia.
  • Being able to lie on nails- This is also a trick that’s very popular among modern magicians and stage performers. It could be very much possible that some yogis do it without using any tricks at all. I myself was able to make a man ‘stiff as a board’  through hypnotic suggestion. When you tense all your muscles like that your weight is distributed more evenly and you’re lighter, so the nails don’t really do anything. This coupled with hypnotic suggestions of anesthesia make it very easy to lie on nails all day.
  • Being able to put a nail through your lip – This is pretty straightforward.  As I said hypnosis can make you not feel any pain at all. Of course not everyone is as suggestible to hypnosis, but not everyone does this neither.
  • Many yogic myths tell tales of people who were ‘unmoved by having their hand cut off’. This is also plausible. Those people were generally described as experienced meditators and or yogis, so they had great experience in inducing hypnotic trance in themselves- it was pretty much the only thing they ever did in their lives, so for them anesthetizing their entire body was as easy as taking a shit. But they weren’t able to do it because they were blessed by some entity (although they might have used this metaphor in their suggestions) but because of a very real and researched property of our mind. An alternative explanation could say that those yogis were so mindful (which is defined as accepting any experience in  present moment awareness) that they were able to be mindful of the pain, in the same way which is trained in mindfulness-based pain management courses. But again this is not a ‘divine ability’ but a skill anyone can develop, even through self-study with a good book.
  • The power of manifestation could be attributed to the fact that subconscious suggestion does have a very real influence on reality, and can actually increase the likelihood  of something in ways that aren’t yet completely explored by science, but can be replicated by the use of  hypnosis.
  • The siddhi of reducing ones body to the size of an atom could be explained by the fact that in hypnosis you can actually enter a type of virtual reality. In this altered state of consciousness the mind can create your own world, in which you can experience yourself as very tiny or very large. Additionally hypnotic suggestions can make you feel large or tiny. They are sometimes even used to make people feel as if they had fur, were very heavy or weightless. This can all be achieved through hypnotic suggestion if the subject is in a deep enough trance
  • Interestingly enough the siddhi called “para citta” is pretty much identical with that of remote viewing which is also present in the west. It could be that very advanced meditators and yogis just are more proficient at using inherent abilities of using PSI. This is very likely since even laymen show some psychic ability in studies. .

In this video you can see a very detailed example of how anyone can do some of the ‘more impressive’ miracles.


The True Yogic Miracles

The true yogic miracles do not involve shooting fireballs, walking over hot coals or even flying. They involve relaxation  and greater flexibility and concentration. In the same way the same benefits can potentially be gained  by doing other stuff than yoga. Especially since the term ‘yoga’ in the west is essentially a brand name for a set of stretching exercises,  that don’t really involve the complicated hindu philosophy normally associated with ‘yoga’ in the east.

The practice of yoga (by that I mean the stretching exercises) teaches mindfulness, promotes relaxation and has numerous other benefits that I’ll describe on this blog. This is why in future articles you’ll learn very easy to use yogic techniques which you’ll be able to use to improve your life. So signup for updates if you’re interested.


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